Pattern: Kids Poncho

I’ve been making versions of this poncho since Sid was a toddler but I’ve finally perfected it and thought I’d share it with you here!

It’s a super versatile pattern that you can make to any length you fancy to suit your little one.

The pattern is worked in the round from the top down and in one single piece, meaning if you make it from a yarn cake you only have to sew in two ends! Perfect for lazy crocheters like me.

If you’d like to make your own yarn cake try these tips for making a magic ball from your existing scraps.


DK yarn (150g makes a poncho to fit a five year old)

4mm hook

Yarn needle


UK terms used throughout

Ch: chain

TC: Treble Crochet

SK: skip

SS: slip stitch

Special stitches:

FPTC: front post treble crochet

BPTC: back post treble crochet

If you’re trying these stitches for the first time take a look at this tutorial to see how the ribbing is formed.


Worked in the round. Ch at beginning of each round do not count as stitches. Gauge is not important but if your neck seems baggy you may want to go down a hook size.

1. Ch78, join, TC in 3rd ch from hook and around, SS in top of first TC (76)

2-8. ch2 *FPTC2, BPTC2 repeat from *around to form two by two ribbing. SS to top of first FPTC (76)

9. ch1, DC in each stitch around (76)

10. Work this round in back loops. Except for the corners, only one stitch is worked into the DC from the previous round.

Ch2, turn *TC3 ch1 sk1** Repeat from * to ** three more times (forming 4 clusters).

Next form corner by TC1, 2TC in next stitch ch3 sk1 2TC in next stitch TC1.

Repeat from * to ** eight times (eight clusters)

Form corner by TC1, 2TC in next stitch ch3 sk1 2TC in next stitch TC1.

Repeat from * to ** four times. SS to top of first TC. (Eight clusters)

You should have a total of 16 clusters and two corners (60)

11. Ch2, turn, *TC3 in ch1 sp from previous round, ch1. Continue from * around.

For corner TC3 ch3 TC3 in ch3 sp from previous round.

SS to top of beginning TC

Continue as round 11, like a granny square, until the poncho reaches your desired length.

NB if you haven’t got the child you’re making for to hand (or they refuse to try it on!) use one of their tops to determine the length of the poncho, or checkout this sizing guide for the applicable back waist length. (I guess this pattern would also work for adults if you keep on going ~ let me know if you try!)

Final round, DC in each st with DC in ch sp and 3DC in ch3 sp.

To show which is the front of the poncho I’ve used a simple bobble edging but you could add anything you fancy, like some appliqué!

The lovely Esme modelling the poncho made by Samantha Jane Creations who kindly tested this pattern for me

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This pattern is for personal use. No unauthorised reproductions or distribution is permitted.  You can sell items made from this pattern but please credit me as the designer and link back to this page.