Recipe: Granny Star Blanket

The pattern that sums up crochet for me is the granny square. It’s so traditional but can be completely modern with the right colour choices, texture and design. The granny star is an extension of this and I’ve been dying to make one for ages. Once I’d finally decided on the colour scheme it absolutely flew off my hook and I’ve been bowled over by the response to it on Instagram!

I didn’t follow a pattern but you can find one that’s super similar by Lulu Loves Crochet.

I used my favourite go-to DK Scheepjes Colour Crafter in eight vintage shades, changing colour every round. I crocheted using a 4mm hook and tried to sew in the ends when I finished each 8 row repeat.

TIP: I choose to rotate where I join the yarn to make a neater finish that’s easier to repair if necessary. I try to make sure to join in the same stitch each round (in this case the one before – star point) for the same reason.

I always take a long time to decide on colour placement. I think it makes such a difference to the overall tone of the finished blanket. I love having some strong colours balanced with some more muted tones.

For this blanket I decided to go for;

  1. Maastricht
  2. Hasselt
  3. Enschede
  4. Den Bosch
  5. Eindhoven
  6. Sint Niklaas
  7. Alphen
  8. Coevorden

I repeated this colour order four times in total and finished with a round of DC in top of each stitch with three in each corner space.

This was such a fun blanket to make and flew off my hook from start to finish in less than a week! The finished blanket used 250g of yarn and measures 100cm across from point to point.

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