Recipe: Scheepjes Stonewashed Colourpack Blanket

When I saw the Scheepjes stonewashed colourpack, with 50 15g minis of each colour in their stonewashed and riverwashed range, I just had to had one!

Once it arrived I couldn’t decide what to make! I wanted to use as much as each ball as possible and set myself the challenge of not wasting a scrap of the yarn.

In the end I went with a simple granny square. I found 6 rounds with a 3mm hook was perfect for my tension. My squares measure 12cm and I used 48 colours to make my blanket. I decided to use the “join as you go” method. You can find a good tutorial by Cherryheart Crochet here.

The trickiest part was deciding on the colour order. I initially wanted a random order but it turns out I’m a control freak and random isn’t really something I can do! So I settled on a rainbow effect; starting in one corner with the lightest shade and moving through the colours to the darkest shade. With the two shades I had left I edged the blanket with a granny border.

I could have finished the blanket there, and for a while I was satisfied with it. It was a decent lapghan size and great for the kids but the blanket was intended for Tabitha to have in her cot and it wasn’t quite big enough to tuck down the sides, so I decided to add a ribbed border. I’ve used four balls of Scheepjes stonewashed in pink quartzine and the finished border is 6cm deep. You can find my ribbed border tutorial HERE!

With the scraps of what I had left I’ve made this little dolls blanket for Tabitha to play with. I made a magic ball and you can find some of my ideas for how to make your own here!

This is my finished blanket measuring 108cm by 84cm:

And this is my colour recipe if you would like to make one too;

I’d love to see your makes and you can tag me on Instagram @@cozamundo


  1. […] is getting daily use in her cot. I’m so pleased with the simplicity of this blanket and I’ve written a post HERE all about my colour recipe in case you want to make one […]


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