Pattern: knitted baby bear bonnet

This week I was lucky enough to be gifted two 50g balls of faux fur Alpine yarn {and some other lovely goodies} by Sirdar. I’ve been lusting over photos of it on their Instagram for ages and I am happy to confirm it’s as soft as it looks!

I’d have loved to have crocheted with the Alpine but previous experience with yarns like this have not ended well and I didn’t want to waste it!

It’s the kind of yarn that needs to be near your skin; it’s so comforting and stroke-able. I trawled through Ravelry for ideas but nothing jumped out, so I decided to wing it and the Baby Bear Bonnet was born!

This bonnet should fit babies up to around 18 months {If you’d like a larger bonnet skip to the end for my tips on how to size up this pattern}. It’s suitable for intermediate beginners as the patterns uses only simple stitches, however they are harder to see because of the fluffiness of the yarn. You’ll also need to know some basic crochet to form the ears.

This is only my second knitting pattern so do let me know if there are any improvements I can make!


3 10mm knitting needles

10mm crochet hook

1 50g ball of Alpine (I used shade 0403)


Tapestry needle


Ch – chain

HTC – half treble crochet

K – knit

K2tog – knit two together

SSK – slip slip knit

TC – treble crochet

I used Prym needles sent to me by Sirdar. I found them to pick up and hold stitches easily

1. Cast on 32 stitches using thumb method and leaving tail approx 35cm long

2 – 14. K (32)

15. K, k2tog, k26, SSK, K

16. K (30)

17. K, k2tog, k24, SSK, K

18 – 20. K (26)

21. K13 only. Three needle bind off.

Cut length approx 35 cm long and attach to other end of starting row to form a second tie. (I’ve found this yarn doesn’t shed or unravel so the ties don’t have to be icord or chain).

Ears: make two

  1. Magic ring, ch2, 6 TC into ring. Fasten off.
  • If you’d like to make a contrasting inner ear, use DK of your choice and 4mm hook:

    1. Magic ring, ch2 (doesn’t count as stitch), 6TC into ring.
    2. Ch1, 2HTC into each stitch from row 1. Fasten off leaving a long tail and sew inner on to outer ear.

    Attach ears symmetrically.

    Suggestions on how to make a bespoke bonnet;

    1. first measure the circumference of the face and then the distance from brow to crown and brow to ear.
    2. Cast on stitches that measure the same as circumference. Knit until length matches the distance from brow to ear before decreasing.
    3. Knit until total length is the same as distance from brow to crown, then add a row or two for a looser fit.
    4. For bind off row, knit stitches until mid-point is reached before starting three needle bind-off. Make ears as pattern.

    You can use the hashtag #cozamundobabybearbonnet on Instagram to share your makes and see those made by others – don’t forget to tag me too @cozamundo I’d love to see your finished items!

    The photographs and pattern are property of Cozamundo Crochets. This pattern is for personal use. No unauthorised reproductions or distribution is permitted. You can sell items finished from this pattern, please credit me and link back



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