Tutorial: bobble edging

After my recent Granny Triangle Shawl post I had a request for a tutorial on how I do my bobble edging. Consider it done!!!

I love a bobble edge more than any other crochet border and am more than happy to tell you allllll about my recipe. I’ve found it to be perfect for pretty much every project; from blankets to ponchos.

It’s quite a yarn hungry border and takes some concentration as well as time. I’d say it’s suitable for an advanced beginner as it uses relatively simple stitches to create a really interesting effect.

Tip: do at row of DC with right side facing in your chosen border colour to give a crisp end to your work.



Crochet hook

Tapestry needle



Ch – chain

SS – slip stitch

Special stitches

Tc3tog – treble crochet three together – * yarn over, insert hook into stitch, draw through loop, draw through first two loops on hook. Yarn repeat from * until there are four loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all four.

1. With wrong side facing dc, ch6

2. TC3tog in third chain from hook

3. Ch3

4. TC3tog in stitch at the bottom of ch3 (this is the top of your beginning TC3tog)

5. SS into the bottom of your beginning TC3tog

6. Ch 3, Skip 3 stitches, DC.

Nb. On a granny square blanket (like in the pictures) I like to DC between the clusters of the last round. You may decide to skip two sets of clusters for fewer bobbles. Similarly on a different blanket you may decide to skip 3 or 6 stitches in between bobbles. This is totally down to your preference and how many bobbles you’d like. I carry on round corners as the rest of the blanket with no extra bobble.

Continue around. SS into beginning DC. Fasten off and sew in ends.


Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @cozamundo I’d love to see your finished items!

These photographs are property of Cozamundo Crochets and are for personal use. No unauthorised reproductions or distribution is permitted.


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