My first ever blog post – hello and welcome!!!

Hi. I’m Corinne and I live in the West Midlands. I’m a thirty one year old social worker with two kids and two rescue cats. I love all things mid-century, geometric and mustard coloured. I couldn’t live without chocolate or a regular dose of Eastenders!

I have always had an interest in handicrafts and enjoyed creating.  I love handmade items and daydreaming about who made them and why. Crochet always looked so complicated and intricate I thought it would join the long list of crafts I would try but never be able to master.  

That changed when we bought our first house in 2011 and I set about making it our home. I decided I wanted to make a granny square throw. I bought all the yarn my local charity shop had, guessed on what hook I’d need and watched YouTube video after YouTube video. Miraculously crochet and I just clicked! I was surprised to find it so calming to work with my hands after an emotionally challenging working day. 

Soon I’d covered my home, my friends and my family in crochet. (Honestly, there’s only so much you can make before people become bored with you constantly foisting wooly gifts on them for every conceivable occasion!)
Finding myself with time on my hands and no one to offload my yarny creations on, I started to sell my makes when I became a mom to my son Sid in 2014.  I’m currently on maternity leave again, having recently given bith to a daughter Tabitha, and I have nervously decided to start this blog to chart my continuing yarn addiction. 


I’m hoping to blog about the progress of my makes, my current foray into knitting, answer any questions you may have around the yarns I use etc, along with publishing some of the simple crochet patterns I have designed. 

Be warned – It may also feature some of my ramblings about my home, cats and kids!

So a big hello and welcome! The pictures here are just some of my makes from the last month. Join me on Instagram  too if you’d like to see what I’m making right now.
I’ll be back soon to talk Liula…





  1. Heeeeey…so glad you’ve set this up, it’s lovely to know more about you….I’ll definitely be back…Liula is my current obsession… Cat,kid and home ramblings totally acceptable… Xxxx


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